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How Do Men Prepare For Divorce In Florida?

Floridians who are seeking a divorce are often concerned about how much it will cost and how long the whole process will take. There is no fixed cost for a divorce because every divorce is different, but it is possible to estimate the cost of divorce in Florida. Data showing how divorce lawyers bill their clients and studies that show people’s experiences can help you calculate an estimate. A trusted experienced Texas lawyer can help find the proper solution and resolution for you.

What Is The Cost Of Florida Divorce Lawyers

What Happens When A Man Files For Divorce?

A majority of people filing for divorce in Florida seek the services of an experienced Florida divorce lawyer. In most divorce cases, the lawyer handles the entire case, which means they provide full-scope representation.  So, the amount you end up paying will be determined by the specific lawyer’s hourly rate and the number of hours required for your case.

Divorce Attorney Hourly Rates In Florida

Can A Man Get Alimony In Florida?

Florida Divorce Attorney For Men CostA reputable study shows that the average minimum hourly rate Florida divorce attorneys charge is higher than average compared to the rest of the country, the main reason is because attorneys in parts of Miami have rates that are higher than the minimum and maximum hourly rates.

Attorneys with more experience handling family law cases are going to charge you a higher rate than the average. These attorneys are more likely to specialize only in family law cases and can handle even the most difficult divorce cases efficiently. So, while you may pay a specialized divorce attorney a higher rate, you get the advantage of a divorce case that takes a shorter period of time to finalize.

The Full Cost Of A Divorce Attorney In Florida

How Can A Man Protect Himself In Divorce?

The total cost of a full-scope divorce attorney in Florida ranges from a minimum to an average maximum amount that can vary greatly depending on your situation since the averages are usually reached by doing other surveys. The total amount you will end up paying will be determined by your specific case because no two divorce cases are the same.

You may end up paying a lower amount than the average if you only hire a divorce attorney as a consultant for certain parts of your divorce case. But only choose limited legal assistance if you are sure.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of The Divorce

How Long Does A Man Pay Alimony In Florida?

The type of divorce you choose has a significant effect on the amount of money you spend on your case.  A “contested” divorce is expensive because the parties have to resolve their issues in court. The issues that most couples disagree on and that affect the cost of the divorce include:

  • Division of marital debts and community property
  • Payment of spousal support or alimony
  • Child support and custody

Both spouses often need a lawyer to represent them when they fail to agree on these issues. The lawyer has to spend hours conducting discovery, filing motions, and representing their clients in hearings. They also represent the spouses when a settlement is being negotiated. All this costs money.

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