Long Distance Parenting Plan Florida

Custody Arrangements When Parents Live Far Apart

When you are going through a divorce, you will face many complications including how to manage a long distance parenting plan. Part of the big changes that happen during divorce is spouses choosing to live in different geographical areas. This can be a massive challenge if there were kids in the marriage. 

In Florida, parents that live 50 miles apart are considered to be sharing long distance custody.  The distance between the two can either be within the state or outside the state if one parent lives out-of-state. A long-distance parenting plan can help you manage long-distance child custody.

 What Is The Long-Distance Parenting Plan?

Out Of State Visitation Rights For Fathers

Parents sharing long-distance custody can negotiate and agree on a plan for a long-distance parenting plan. This plan will be included in the final divorce order. That means that if any parent moves to a long-distance location, they can notify the court and manage the distance between them according to the plan.

Making Decisions With The Long Distance Plan

The plan has to be detailed in such a way that it covers every possible scenario that may occur when a parent moves 50 miles away. 

Long Distance Custody Arrangements

A long-distance parenting plan only offers parents three options for making decisions:

  • Shared Parental Responsibility: Parents have equal say and authority on any matter concerning their children
  • Shared parental responsibility with decision making authority: With this plan, each parent has an equal say on any matter concerning their child. But if they cannot agree on an issue only one parent has the authority to make the final decision. 
  • Sole parental responsibility: This means that only one parent has the power to make a decision on a specific issue.

A parenting plan allows parents to separate authority with each parent getting authority to make decisions on issues they can handle.  For example, if one parent is a therapist by profession, they can be given authority to handle issues concerning the child’s mental health.  If the other parent is a doctor, they can handle all decisions concerning the child’s physical health.

Mixing responsibility in this manner will make the child feel that both parents are involved in their lives.  It also decreases conflict between the parents.

How To Schedule Extracurricular Activities 

Sample Custody Agreement When Parents Live In Different States

 A Long-distance parenting plan must include extra-curricular activities. The plan must indicate the parent that will register the child for a particular activity. This can be done by one parent or by both parents.  Each or both parents can pay for the activities and agree on how the child will be transported to and from events.

How Parents Can Communicate

How To Share Custody Long Distance

Divorce can be bitterly fought to an extent where both parents are not willing to talk to each other after the final decree is issued.  To prevent the rivalry between the parents from affecting how they care for their child, they need a communication plan. They can choose to communicate via a telephone or video chat or other means of communication. 

Consequences Of Not Complying With A Parenting Plan

Relocation Long Distance Parenting Plan

The long-distance parenting plan should also include penalties against that do not communicate as required by the plan. For instance, parents that pick-up or drop-off their child late can face penalties.